History of the Brotherhood

First Litohoro Picnic The history of the Litohorian Brotherhood begins somewhere in the late 1800's. The first Litohorians to visit America, according to oral records, were Ioannis Kraniotis, Evangelos Ftikas, and Georgios Tsintsifas. Sometime around the turn of the century, Georgios and Evangelos Vlahopoulos arrive in the United States and several years later they play an important part in the formation of the Brotherhood.

Vlahopoulos Together withmany otherLitohorians that arrive slowly they gather in New York City which provided many job opportunities for new immigrants. Initially the went into the restaurant business, but soon after many Litohorians began to pursue different lines of employment. Another number of Litohorians arrived in the United State at the same time but instead opted to live in areas such as Chicago, Boston, California, and the closer New Jersy and Connecticut.

First Litohoro Picnic In 1905, Georgios and Evangelos Vlahopoulos move to create a brotherhood to bring together all Litohorians that were in the United States. Witnessing the Macedonian affairs from at distance, they decided that their active involvement in the affair was an absolute necessity. In November 1905, the first foundations are laid and in January 1907 the first ever meeting is held and the formation of the brotherhood is voted for. Initially the official number of members was quitel low bu the numbers were growing steadily, and it's main goal has been to strengthen the ties of Litohorians outside of Greece and to provide financial help to Litohoro.

The first annual dance of the brotherhood took place in 1930 at the Lincoln Manor in downtown Brooklyn. In 1951, the Second elementary school in Litohoro was experiencing financial difficulties due to damage from the second world war. The governent at the time was not delivering on promises to help the school so the local authorities took it upon themselves to help. The Litohorian Brotherhood sent the amount of $6000 in an effort to assist with the renovations, a substantial amount at the time.

The efforts to help the schools in Litohoro continue until today. A copy machine was sent to the high school and the amounts of $3000 and $1500 were sent to the 1st and 2nd elementary schools respectively. A main concern of the brotherhood has been the monastery of St. Dionysios who is the savior of Litohoro. Many members have helped in the renovations of the damaged monastery with personal contributions as well. In 1988 the brotherhood contributed a fully equipped ambulance to the Litohoro health center.

Current Council


  • President: Dimitrios Daviotis
  • V.President: George Chasabenis
  • Secretary: Ekaterini Stroggilis
  • Treasurer: Athanasios Goudaras
  • Trustee: Christos Stanisis
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